Angelito Camaclang

General Contractor

As Novella’s General Contractor, Angelito is responsible for the installation of our signature sheds, and all essential hardscaping and landscaping services.

Angelito is a true craftsman and builder. His expertise offers a wealth of insights to all aspects of construction, installation and production. Angelito works in the background to deliver a methodical and innovative solution to any technical project. He manages the means and methods of our signature shed installations, and essential outdoor services. Easy going and solutions oriented, Angelito can advise on the best building practices for any home project. 

With over 20 years of experience in the home construction industry, Angelito is well versed in building and landscaping materials, construction assemblies, and the systems that integrate with them. His entire career has been focused on building and renovating homes, starting with hands-on forming, framing and sitework.  

Laurel and Angelito continue to own and operate Novell Design Build. They are leaders in the Design Build industry and have been creating custom homes and laneways in Metro Vancouver for the past 15 years. Novell Design Build is a strategic partner of Novella Outdoors.

Angelito is in his true element when he is outside with materials and tools in hand, and his infectious smile ear to ear. 

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