Top Bird

Felicity is Novella's Top Bird.  

Felicity has a proven track record of weaving award-winning custom dwellings with sustainable materials. At Novella Outdoors, Felicity's talents are most evident in their line of wearable hummingbird couture (coming soon).

They have proven their ability to hum consistently and evade even the most well trained photographers. For this reason, Novella Outdoors is celebrating their charms with custom charmed pins, available in our Marketplace.

They are an agile flight expert, with a special passion for flair flight and figure-eight patterns. You can find them practicing their high speed dives through Pacific Spirit Park during the Spring flying season. Felicity's current hover and dive methods create a signature sound, which is altered by the position and shape of their tail feathers. There's a bright future ahead for this hummingbird!

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