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October 21, 2020
Angelito Camaclang

We provide a breadth of services and offerings to expand your home to the outdoors.

Expand you home outdoors with trusted expertise.

Novella Essentials & Experiences

We provide the essentials to expand your home the outdoors, and the opportunity to create a custom outdoor experience. We work with you to find a solution that works for your lifestyle, and your spirit. Our essential backyard services offer a breadth of options to transform all outdoor spaces. Our experience bundles take it one step further with thoughtfully designed environments.

If you value high quality design and craftsmanship in construction, we want to work with you. Our strategic partnership with Novell Design Build ensures that you receive award winning professionalism and expertise at every step of the process.

Novell Design Build Kitsilano Residence

It all begins with a vision for your outdoors. Our team provides the necessary concept design, plant design, selections process, early budget and estimation, and specialty consultations to find your ideal outdoors space.

With extensive connections in Greater Vancouver, Novella Outdoors is able to provide a variety of skilled and custom expertise for any outdoors project. Our essential services include earthwork and grading, hardscape surfaces, landscape walls, and outdoor carpentry, irrigation and lighting, water features and garden installations.

Novella Signature Sheds

One of the most valuable benefits to our Signature Sheds is knowing the structure will stand the test of time. By far, the biggest consideration with any major accessory structure is determining the value of your investment. At Novella Outdoors, we approached building a shed with the same precision needed to building a home. Our strategic partnership with Novell Design Build provided the direct expertise necessary to design build a collection of Signature Sheds that are thoughtfully designed, and expertly crafted.

Begin by choosing your starting model, then customize with upscale options. A Base Model offers versatility, while a Purpose-Built Novella offers a complete experiential package.

Expand your home, live exceptionally.

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