Felicity: A shared space for Vancouver's Creative Community

July 12, 2021
London Camaclang

Welcome to Felicity! 

Felicity is a personal office studio and creative space located in the Dunbar-Southlands Neighbourhood in Vancouver. We design-built this Novella in 2020, and are now opening the space to Vancouver's local creative community.

Felicity provides some much-needed flexible space for artists, writers, remote workers, students and independent creators. In exchange for free creative space, we will ask for your feedback on Felicity, on Google Reviews or Houzz Reviews and for your participation:

Visitors will be featured in an artist profile, writer’s spotlight, or visitor’s profile, and will have the opportunity to connect digitally with other visitors. We hope to provide a platform for visitors to share stories, connect with each other and support other local creators.

We look forward to hosting you!

Features and Amenities - view images of Felicity here.

  • Private workstation in Felicity
  • Access to the garden and green space
  • Covered, outdoor table in the backyard
  • Eight electrical outlets
  • Dimmable ambient lighting
  • Built-in floating table
  • Storage bench with cushion
  • Work chair and small seating poof
  • Electric heater with thermostatic control
  • Openable windows and skylight
  • Lockable door from the interior
  • Natural light and green surroundings
  • Lush garden surroundings
  • Outdoor table under cover
  • Water station
  • No wifi
  • No washrooms on site

General Site Rules

This space is to be enjoyed, and respected! We especially ask that you take care of the interior surfaces and garden. Please keep the space tidy, clean and free of damage. Visitors are free to arrive and leave within their reserved time, and are expected to leave the space as they found it.

  • No additional guests
  • No smoking
  • No littering
  • No pets allowed
  • No disturbing the garden
  • No disturbing the main home, unless in an emergency
  • Food and drink allowed, but any damage to the space will be charged a cleaning fee

Heath and Safety Protocols

The space will be sanitized in-between visitors. Our cleaning schedule occurs at the end of each day, though we do expect guests to tidy the space before they leave. Hand sanitizer and other cleaning products will be available in Felicity. When booking into the Novella, the provided contact information serves as our record of visitors for contact-tracing.

Visitor Expectations

There is no cost to visiting Felicity. In exchange for a free shared space for creators we ask visitors to:

  1. Respect the space, and follow our general site rules
  2. Provide feedback on Felicity via Google Reviews or Houzz Reviews
  3. Participate by providing some information for your artist's profile, writer's spotlight or visitor's profile. This profile allows visitors to connect with each other, share their work, their thoughts and stories. More guidelines for respectful content will be shared upon your visitor's confirmation.


Felicity is available for single-day booking requests, with 1-2 people per booking. After receiving approval, visitors will be given the exact address of Felicity. Visitors are free to arrive and leave within that day, as long as they follow our general guidelines.


Email your interest to:

London Camaclang, Studio Coordinator


office: 604.876.0339

Submissions are open for a full-day visit to Felicity through July and August 2021.

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