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Signature Shed Exceptional Features

October 21, 2020
David Maranda

These features are included in The Work at Home Wonder, and available as upgrades for all Signature Sheds.

Powered Up & Full of Warmth

The Work at Home Wonder is pre-wired for all your workflow needs. It features an easy external power connection port, ready to plug-and-play in your backyard. The interior finished walls pre-wired, including a workstation with hidden cords and four duplex outlets, for a total of eight plugs. We've considered where your computer, phone, and printer will charge, and have found solutions for cable maintenance.

Our wall assemblies are fully insulated, and feature a tight moisture barrier. These Signature Sheds are built with the same level of craftsmanship as a custom home!

To make sure you stay warm and cozy, we've added an electric wall-mounted heater with an adjustable thermostat. In the winter, it's a comfortable space for all your studio or workspace needs.

For lights, we've chosen a gooseneck designer light to illuminate the exterior landing pad. It is a stunning matte black fixture. For the interior, we have a selection of designer light options, depending on your preference of light quality.

These powered up features are available for all base models as well, including The Chickadee.

Design built details to weatherproof our Signature Sheds

Dressed to Impress with High-Density Fiberglass Windows and Doors, Finished Interiors

The Work at Home Wonder features windows and doors made of the highest quality High-Density Fiberglass.

High-Density Fiberglass offers a top thermal performance. Over time, the fiberglass frames expand and contract at a rate comparable to that of glass to help maintain peak efficiency. Even in demanding climates, these concentrated fibreglass frames keep their shape and continue to perform.

Their slim profiles are a near seamless, with exceptional all-black matte material. This black interior and exterior design is the most in-demand, contemporary design for windows and doors. Contrary to other materials, the fibreglass itself is extruded with black pigment, and there is no chance of unsightly scratches. The large, high-end sliding door allows your eye to glide over the Novella's slim profile while eliminating any wasted space.

At an incredible size of 36"x72", the Novella's main window is one, glistening tempered glass panel. Above The Work at Home Wonder's built-in custom table, a 2'x2' casement window provides natural light for all your workflow needs.

Cabinet-grade plywood wraps the interior, with a sealed and waterproof phenolic resin. It's smooth, high-end surface provides a beautiful and neutral background. The Chickadee has a wood painted door and unfinished interior for more versatility, but is available for upgrades.

High-density Fiberglass window with casement opening

Cabinet-grade plywood interior finish

The versatility of our designs ensure that you will continue to find value in a Signature Shed, even as your needs change over time.

We look forward to connecting with you!

A bird's-eye view of The Work at Home Wonder.

Expand your home, live exceptionally.

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