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Everything You Need for a Firepit Lounge

October 21, 2020
Laurel James

We cherish firepit lounges as a key gathering space, and want to bring that warmth to your home as well.

Outdoor entertainment season doesn't need to stop when the leaves turn orange! On the contrary, Fall and Winter can beautiful backdrops to a spectacular outdoor dining experience.

Whether you are looking for a lavish setting for high festivities, or a comfortable space to eat dinner outdoors year-round, look no further.

Certain factors like unexpected wind, unending rain, or a sunny backyard without an inch of shade can quickly complicate things. For a foolproof outdoor party, we need to roll with the seasons!  The spirit of the weather can't be changed, but we can be prepared! 

To minimize the stress of moving your dining operation outdoors, consider these essentials for your firepit lounge:

Handcrafted, Ultra Light Concrete Fire pits

Create a stunning focal point to complement your outdoor space and lifestyle with a lightweight concrete fire pit.  Our favourites are Dekko Concrete's collection of fire pits. Their unique ultra light concrete fire pits are 100% concrete and less than half the weight of most others making them easy to ship and install on any project including rooftops, patios and commercial applications. Hand crafted to endure the outdoor elements for years.

Avera Firepit

No-fuss Decor & Tablescape

The best decor is that which floats in the sky above! When we're outside, the clouds are our natural ambiance. Enhance their view with our designer garlands, hanging lanterns, and even a garden chandelier.

For a four-season set up, find some elegant protection from the elements. A canopy, whether it be permanent or a pop-up, will brighten your outdoor space with its white billowing fabric. As an added bonus, it will reflect any sunlight, moonlight or firelight to provide a soft glow. Seems Instagram-worthy to us! These can come in many forms, but we recommend a cedar wood and white canopy. Contact us fora quote.

  • Pro tip: Tablecloth weights will save the day when the wind decides to pick up. Whether they sit on the corners, or hang from the edges of a Turkish blanked, this small detail is a must-have for functional, and beautiful decor. Coming soon to our Marketplace!

Comfortable, Flexible Seating

Our Portico Collection and our Oxford Conversational Set gas everything you'll need to furnish your outdoors. If you are looking for a custom option, consider installing a live-edge cross section farm table, with bench seating on either side. We're happy to work with you!

A long bench allows for flexibility of seating, and tucks nicely under the table. They make it easy to add an additional place setting when friends inevitably grow. Until large gatherings are safe again, we can enjoy the extra space!

We can't forget the food & drink!

Coming soon: A Guide to Seasonal Grilling with Novella Outdoors

Until then, here are some quick tips:

  • Plan a simple menu that can be prepped ahead of time and won't keep the chefs in the kitchen while all the guests mingle outside. No matter if you're having a weekday dinner with family, or a festive bash, the grill can provide a delicious multi-course feast. We recommend bright foods to match the vibrancy of the outdoors.
  • Family style dining can feel lavish with great bowls and tablescape. Visit our marketplace to find the right pieces to suit your vision! Add sprinkles, sparklers and candles for joy!

Share your at home celebrations with us & find the joy in others with the #novellaexperience.